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Robot Discovery opens the exciting world of computer science and robotics to middle and high school students in a fun and practical way. 

Classroom Proven

Constucted from hundreds of hours of actual middle school and high school classroom experience. The learning activities presented here are created from cool robotic projects from our own curriculums which are designed to be inspiring and engaging, helping students see computing and technology as an important part of their world. The activities are designed with a focus on problem based learning, creativity, exploration, critical thinking and problem solving. 

Book & Curriculum Coming Soon

Learn & Teach Robotics in 12 Fun Lessons

Students will explore computer science and engineering through topics like history and use of robots, design of robots, robot components, computer science, and computer programming. 

Three Skill Levels

Level 1

mBlocky Programming

Beginner - Middle School

(Available Fall 2018)

Level 2

Scratch Programming


Middle School - High School

(Available Now)

Level 3

Adruino C/C++

Advanced - High School

(Available Fall 2018)



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